About Us

About NodesPay Tekh

NODESPAY TEKH PTE LTD was established in June 2022. We are a pioneering project and payment management system that leverages smart contracts and automation to ensure timely payment for construction subcontractors. Unlike other payment companies, we are a dynamic platform that partners with leading fintech companies to deliver seamless payment management solutions, rather than as a payment gateway, or a Fintech platform.

Our Vision

Our vision is to eliminate the problem of late payment in the construction industry and provide better financial opportunities for subcontractors. We believe that timely payment is a right, not a privilege, and we are committed to making it a reality for every subcontractor on our platform.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the construction industry by ensuring timely payments for subcontractors. Through innovative technology and strategic partnerships, we strive to simplify payment processes, foster transparency, and promote trust among all stakeholders, thereby creating a more equitable and prosperous future for the industry.

Smart Contract Payment Management System

NodesPay is a cutting-edge platform that automates payment processes using smart contracts, ensuring secure and transparent transactions. Say goodbye to late payments and experience seamless subcontractor financing and payment management in construction embrace the future of construction finance with NodesPay.

In Association With

Singapore Fintech Association

NodesPay Tekh is also a member of Singapore Fintech Association, an industry body representing the Singapore FinTech sector. SFA is a platform to facilitate collaboration between all market participants and stakeholders in the FinTech ecosystem.

Supported By

Tribe Accelerator

Tribe Accelerator is the first Singapore government supported blockchain accelerator, championing to be a neutral platform in driving collaboration and growth of the blockchain ecosystem.

Simplify Construction Payment Management

Improved Cash Flow Management

With NodesPay, you can bid farewell to delayed payments and cash flow challenges. Our system ensures timely payments.

Pre Approved Financing

By leveraging smart contracts, we offer sub contractors access to pre- approved financing based on the project's financial flow.

Simplified Payment Process

NodesPay eliminates the need for manual operations and simplifies payment processes.


Pay your subcontractors and suppliers faster with electronic payment while meeting regulatory requirements and managing lien waivers and Set up and offer your subcontract.


With everyone using a single collaboration platform, owners, general contractors, and subcontractors have full visibility into compliance and payment status.

Reporting And Analytics

Augment your enterprise analytics by adding payment data from NodesPay Payment Management to your data warehouse.

Accounting System Integration

Eliminate redundant double data entry and automate the transfer of critical financial data between NodesPay and the most popular accounting solutions.

Dedicated Client Services

You and your subcontractors enjoy dedicated support at no extra cost during implementation and for as long as you use the application.

Dashboards And Analytics

Analyze projects, subcontractors, draw budgets, invoices, payments, and subcontractor status track.

Increased Efficiency

NodesPay simplifies and accelerates the payment process, reducing all the administrative burdens

Future Proof Technology

NodesPay embraces cutting-edge blockchain technology, positioning you at the forefront of innovation

Data Security and Privacy

NodesPay prioritizes the security and privacy of your data.

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