Discover What Makes Our Product Stand Out

Key Features

Smart Contract Payment Management

NodesPay ensures timely payments through smart contracts, streamlining transactions and reducing delays for all parties involved in construction projects.

Compliance And Regulatory Requirements

NodesPay adheres to strict compliance and regulatory standards, ensuring transparency, legality, and trustworthiness in all transactions and operations.

Fintech Integration

NodesPay seamlessly integrates fintech solutions, optimizing financial processes and enhancing efficiency in construction project financing and payments.

Bridging Loan Facility

NodesPay offers a bridging loan facility, providing quick access to funds for subcontractors based on project milestones, enhancing financial stability and project continuity.

Robust Security Measures

NodesPay employs robust security measures, including encryption and decentralized storage, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring the integrity of transactions.

Multi Banks Account Feature

NodesPay offers a multi-bank account feature, allowing users to manage transactions from different bank accounts within a single interface, enhancing flexibility and convenience.

Enhanced Data Visualization

NodesPay provides enhanced analytics tools, offering insights into project cash flow, and financial projections, empowering users to make informed decisions and optimize project outcomes.

No 3rd Party Plugin to Sign Contract

NodesPay eliminates the need for third-party plugins like MetaMask, simplifying the user experience and ensuring seamless operation within the platform.